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Regarding the law and order issues throughout the country, Governor for Enga Province Sir Peter Ipatas questioned the Minister for Internal Security, Peter Tsiamalili Junior on the plans in place to address law and order issues faced in the country.

While on that note, Sir Ipatas said, “we cannot continue to increase police men power when the culture out there is bad in the police force. Increase of numbers will only increase problems. We have to have a strategy in order to fix the existing issues in the police force.”

He further urged Minister Tsiamalili to clarify to the people of Papua New Guinea, the specifics of the police recruitment processes and their mentoring when dispersed to provinces and districts.

In response Minister Tsiamalili Jr said, “I want to assure you and the people that because of the challenges that the police force is facing with our culture. The first step that we’ve taken as a force is to distance the process of recruitment.”

He said, they have compromised for too long and the time has come to take a stand.

Governor for Morobe Luther Wenge shared his concerns regarding police personnel that have already reached retirement age but still serve the police force.

He said, “the law and order issues are created by young people and so we need more young people in the police force to fight against the people of their age group.”

He said, those that have reached the retirement age should be removed from the police force.

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