UNICEF Survey: Poor Sanitation Linked to Polio

While much have been said about the importance of getting all children vaccinated, there is also a need for people to know that poor sanitation can lead to the contraction of polio. A survey conducted by UNICEF shows that most schools and health facilities around the country do not have proper toilets.

And with polio contracted through the faecal-oral route, sanitation is a challenge in the fight against polio. Not only in schools and health facilities, but in homes and villages, people are still using semi-permanent and pit toilets. Without the proper disposal of faecal wastes and access to clean water, children who are not vaccinated are at a high risk of contracting polio.

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Department of Community Development to focus on Districts

The Department of Community Development and Religion today announced some of its major projects for this year. In a media conference, the Department of Community Development Secretary, Anna Solomon, said this year the department is more focused on capacity building. Solomon stated that they will be setting up District Community Development Centres to address social and economic issues.

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