Haus & Home – Episode 08, 2018

On this episode, Brian Bell features its Tramontina Three-piece Cookware, Hardware Haus from the CPL Group features new product reviews from some of the world’s leading Brands, and City Pharmacy features its Fast Cooker.
We also have Healthy Minds with Dr. Ambi, Top Mens’ shares some painting tips and ideas, BSP Updates and we wrap up the show with Tech People.

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Haus & Home – Episode 06, 2018

On this episode of Haus & Home,
Chef Dwayne shows us how easy it is to bake a simple ‘Chocolate Cake’ using simple ingredients;
Brian Bell shows their Sports Section, Margaret takes a trip to Cafe’ 360 along the Sogeri road (next to Bluff Inn) to show us the scenic view, and Nesian Beauty share some beauty tips for our skin.
St. Johns Ambulance takes us through simple First Aid on treating Snake Bites and we wrap up the show with Telikom PNG’s Data Promotion.

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Haus & Home – Episode 05, 2018

On this episode of Haus & Home, On ‘Cooking with Haus 7 Home; Godwin Eki kicks off the show by showing us one of his easy meal recipes – Mince Spaghetti; followed by shopping with Brian Bell who features their customer credit scheme.
We also have ‘Healthy Minds’ with Dr Ambi, the CPL Group bringing to you the City Pharmacy Real Rewards program, and the Hardware Haus Kit Home with some Home Decors.
We wrap up the show with Tech People.

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Haus & Home – Episode 03, 2018

Gulf province is know for its one only staple food- SAGO. Starting off the show, Chef Jack prepares Sago and Corned Beef with mixed vegies.
Your home is your domain and with few tips and ideas on Home Decors, I’m sure you can be able to be creative in the comfort of your home.
We then go up close and personal and have a chat with Rose Luke a Florist and Russel takes us through an awesome game review- The Rocket League.

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