Ramu Nico: Operations at Basamuk Refinery Are Now Stable

Ramu Nico, operator of the Ramu Nickle Mine, says operations at its Basamuk Refinery are now stable. This follows a recent environmental incident where slurry from the refinery overflowed into the river.

According to MCC, slurry spilled into the Basamuk harbour and shoreline was from a drainage system which discolored the sea water into a maroon red, and was visible for two days.

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Balek Wildlife Sanctuary sees a Decline in Visitors

Balek Wildlife Sanctuary in Madang District is a protected area, the virgin environment is home to many wildlife animals. It was a tourist hotspot back in the 1970s and the 1980S. That however, isn’t the case anymore. Landowner and caretaker, Panu Jeffery, says they are experiencing a significant drop in the number of domestic and international tourist.

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