A Coffee Mill at last for Nawaeb

The Neknasi Coffee Cooperative of Nawaeb finally receivedthe nod to build own coffee mill. 

An agreement was signed betweenthe Cooperative andthPNG Sustainable Development.

The coffee mill will cost about 1. 6 million kina and will provide a market for more than five hundred coffee growers inthe district. 

The projectors also drawn enormous financial support fromthe local MP’s

The mill will support more than five hundred coffee growers inthe remote villages of Nawaeb District.

Featureed on EMTV’s Tok Piksa program on Sunday,the Cooperative is one ofthe striving groups owned bythe landowners that have received limited support fromthe national government.

Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru, is confident thatthe provincial government policy of involving landowners in business activities is beginning to take shape.

PNGSDP Manager, Potaisa Ambunaka said people shouldn’t expect free handouts fromthe national government’s purseand saidthe Neknasi Cooperative should be seen as a role model project in Papua New Guinea

The coffee mill is a success story for the people of Nawaeb District.

The people are expecting more roads and electricity to be built intothe area as soon asthe project begins; and not only willthe Neknasi Cooperative be looking at selling and buyingtheir organically grown coffee beatns but also to manufacture and export out coffee brand that belongs tothe Morobeatns.

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