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By Mortimer Yangharry

North Fly Open MP and Vice Minister for Mining and Border Issues Hon.James Donald assured the travelling public that the redevelopment of the Kiunga Airport will be completed within this year.

The second term MP sincerely apologized to the North Fly populace and the wider Western Province for the delay in the current terminal building construction.

The People’s Reform Party parliamentary leader admitted some technical and administrative delays in the redevelopment of this massive developmental project.

However, Vice Minister Dinald assured the public and the government plus relevant stakeholders that work is progressing well with regular checks as the team on the ground is pushing to have it completed.

“I can guarantee we are soon to have the building done and commissioned anytime this year 2023,” assured Vice Minister Donald.

The agriculturist turned politician highlighted that terminal building will also feature the complete installation of a modern scanning system in place.

Meanwhile, Vice Minister Donald revealed that the Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP) 2 Terminal Program financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has captured Kiunga terminal project which will be a bigger one erected at the end of the airport where  previously hosted oil exploration companies base camp.

“Also we are working to extend the runway 60m turn off point towards the town end to bring in Q400 Link PNG aircraft. If we work hard now we should inaugurate Q400 flight with the terminal building commissioning,” expressed Donald.

The one time Kiunga Rural LLG President revealed future plans to extend the runway towards the Duwobi wharf to bring in Fokker 100 planes in due time.

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