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By Jim John

More than 52 houses, school, shops and gardens among others have been covered by flood in Middle Fly District of Western Province.

Continuous rainfall experienced in Western since the beginning of this month resulted in high flood which has cut off people to access basic health and education services.

The devastation has left people in search for food with some even moving to higher ground to look for food and shelter.

Schools affected by flood have suspended their classes, and shops operating within the lowland areas have closed indefinitely, leaving villagers in need of supplies.

Wangawanga and Aiambak village councilor Owen Zumoi confirmed people are no longer walking on the ground but using dugout canoes and dinghies to access services.

High flood has affected Lake Murray, Obo, Bosset, Kuem, Mipan, Manda, Wangawanga, Komovai, Owa, Levame and Kasa among others in Middle Fly.

Councilor Zumoi said the Lake Murray LLG manager was notified of this matter to negotiate with provincial authorities to assess the situation but nothing has been done to date.

People in affected villages have called on Western Provincial authorities, district and disaster office to look into this matter so that relief supplies can be provided to them.

This is noted by locals as the second highest flood experienced in the district, to that in 1999.

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