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Police commissioner David Manning has given a notice to the illegal settlers occupying the land close to the Porgera mine to leave within 48 hours as of yesterday.

Manning indicated that they will be forcibly removed from the area if they do not comply.

Following the warning made by the Prime Minister James Marape to the illegal miners in the Porgera valley, the commissioner of Police, David manning has given a very strong instruction to the people who are illegally settling on land near the Porgera Mine.

Manning indicated in a statement that the illegal squatters have no connection with the land they have been occupying and had exploited the previous closure of the mine to illegally damage property, commit criminal offences, and threaten peace and good order across the Porgera valley.

Mr. Manning stated these troublemakers are illegally taking up private lands to make illicit profit and they don’t care who they hurt or what they damage and this greed is harming the businesses and communities of the Porgera valley.

Manning further noted that this is a matter that will need the government’s holistic response. He said that police is taking a firm and fair approach to remove the illegal settlers and their partners in provincial and national government agencies must take a firm and fair approach to identify and deal with the people who give authority to the illegal settlers to exploit these communities.

Commissioner manning said this final warning must be taken seriously by the illegal squatters and troublemakers and note that the deployment of additional joint security forces have been deployed over the past few days.

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