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Opposition File Motion of Vote of No Confidence

Member for Ialibu Pangia and the second longest serving former Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill is the Opposition’s new candidate for the Prime Minister’s seat in the Motion of Vote of No Confidence that is currently before the parliament.

The appointment of O’Neill comes after Member for Aitape Lumi, and Parliamentary Leader for the National Alliance Party, Patrick Pruaitch moved to join the Marape Basil Government two weeks ago.

Earlier during the day, the Opposition Leader presented the amended Notice of Motion for a Vote of No Confidence to the Speaker of Parliament Job Pomat.

He explained that this is not a new motion, it is an amended motion guided by section 145 of the constitution.

With the National General Elections just 15 months away, why the urge to change the Government at such a short time?

O’Neill is confident he will reduce the huge 51% Debt to GDP ratio the Marape Government has created, restore the economy by restoring investor confidence and reduce unemployment.

Meanwhile following corridor whispers of a possible adjournment of parliament, the Opposition Leader citing a case on the interpretation of section 145 of the constitution that deals with a Vote of No Confidence, says the Parliament must not further delay the motion.

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