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“It is no longer business as usual” is the statement made by the Minister for Works and Highways, Solan Mirisim on the implementation of the Connect PNG Program especially under the current economic situation.  

He made these remarks to the heads of government agencies, departments, statutory bodies and development partners under the Connect PNG Program.

“Politicians like myself will depend very much on your advice to make informed and evidence based policy decisions to ensure we continue to serve our people,” he said.  

He urged that the country’s economists and financial experts give priorities based on prudent analysis and to establish costs and benefits to ensure investment decisions made under the Connect PNG Program are demand driven, generates higher returns on investments and generates value for money.  

”We all know roads play a very critical facilitative and enabling role in development,” he said

Hence he said Connect PNG Program’s funding must be guaranteed by a long term financing plan, such is the main objective of the Connect PNG (Implementation and Funding Arrangement) Act 2021.

“The executive government is committed to ensure that this expenditure decisions are properly aligned to the priorities such as the Connect PNG Program that will generate returns necessary to meet the MTDP 4 targets,” he assured.

He followed this statement encouraging the recipient parties to work alongside the National Executive Council to carry out this program.

The minister also took the liberty to acknowledge the work being done with Ok Tedi Tax Credit funds for the road connection of the Telefomin District, adding that it was the first since the country’s independence.

“PNG will never be the same again with the success of Connect PNG” he said.  

He made these remarks during the Connect PNG Program Seminar in Port Moresby on Friday, 14th of July at the Apec Haus.

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