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Shadow Attorney General and Minister of Justice Trade and Commerce Administrative Services as well as Member for Hiri-Koiari , Keith Iduhu has condemned threats and intimidation tactics by unknown individuals.

In a statement released yesterday, Mr. Iduhu said that an unknown number sent veiled threats via WhatsApp messenger, “warning” me and suggesting they know the whereabouts of the place of residence of my family and me.

Mr. Iduhu said he has sent a written complaint to Police Commissioner David Manning office and the cyber- crime unit for appropriate investigation and prosecuting. Mr Iduhu stated in the letter that the person who messaged me appeared to be a disgruntled supporter or possible associate of the Prime Minister and government and appears they have issues with Mr. Iduhu’s outspoken stance against the Prime Minister and government, which he maintains is within our rights prescribed by our constitution for freedom of speech.

As an elected representative of parliament, MP Iduhu said he is well within his right to speak out against a government and Prime Minister which I believe are doing our country more harm than good – just like any individual does.

MP Iduhu said in the statement that he understands that in his current position as a member of parliament and public office holder makes him open to criticism and scathing commentary at times, which is welcomed. However, when criticism borders into threats against not only him, but his family, this is where he stated that he puts his foot down and demand these individuals face the rule of law.

The MP said that these acts demonstrate the lengths some individuals will go to protect those that are in power.  He stated that the fact that this individual felt the need to threaten only goes to show what the Opposition is saying is in fact the reality and resonates with the majority of our citizens.

MP Iduhu said he understands other individuals with strong stances against the government have also received threats from the same number, which further demonstrates the need for police to investigate this individual.

This government has more or less contributed to the behaviour and the overall rise in character assassinations for those who have differing views against the government.

Not long ago, the Alternative Prime Minister nominee Hon. Allan Bird revealed the information he received of threats against his life simply because he is challenging the leadership of James Marape.

And what did the Prime Minister say or do? Instead of being concerned, the PM was sceptical and told Hon. Bird to “show evidence” and suggested Hon. Bird was faking these claims for public sympathy.

Such deplorable behaviour from a Prime Minister. Still to this day, he has never condemned these threats a fellow member of parliament received.

The faceless individuals who threaten, target, and conduct social media witch hunts against people who are fed up with the government, or simply because they have an opposing view to their master, continue to do so because it is tolerated by the government.

MP Iduhu also suggested that the government seriously look into the ways individual’s abuse and misuse sim cards for their own benefit. The country should employ a one sim card per one person policy to cut down on individuals misusing sim cards to create and hide behind fake identities.

He ended by stating that he will not keep quiet and give in to these threats and that the Opposition will continue to advocate against the government without fear or favour.

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