Ideas for a Personalised cup for your Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, bring out your creative side by turning a plain cup/mug into a personalised message for your loved one.

Before you get on with this, you will first need to do a bit of investigation around your local shops on where to get cute plain coloured mugs/cups (preferably white), and finding the most affordable shops that can print out personalised mugs and cups. Then get to work!

Below is a list of ideas for you to try, or since everyone’s got a creative side, you might want to build on your own idea for the mug!

After when you are satisfied with your work, take a picture of it and save it in a flash drive then take it to a shop that can print out the picture onto your mug/cup.

Then finally wrap it up nicely for your valentine!

Here are a number of mug print ideas you can choose from:

Personal message
Write down a message of how much you love that particular someone, signing off in the end. Be creative with it.


Poem writing
If you’re good at poetry then this might be your greatest masterpiece!

A favorite quote
Maybe you’re not good with poems, but have a particular quote you want to share with your Valentine; it could be from a book you read, from a movie, or from Google!

A verse of a song

You might even have a favorite song that reminds you of that special person, or a song that your Valentine loves – why not jot down a few lines of the song’s verse!

Dedication Playlist
Maybe it’s not just a song that reminds you of your Valentine, maybe it’s a number of songs, then why not list down a special dedication playlist just for them.


Facebook Post
Another idea would be to update your Facebook post (That is if you have an account) tagging your Valentine telling them how much they mean to you, take a screen shot of your post and save it as a picture making sure to crop where necessary.


Or you can stick to the usual way a personalised mug is done by getting a selfie of you and your Valentine to be printed on to the mug!

That way every time they’re having coffee all they have to do is just look down on that mug and know how special they are!

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