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Sir Julius Chan: PPP Joins Government for Good of the People

Sir Julius Chan urged for an end to the uncertainty, horse trading, tensions, misinformation and violence.

Chan who is one of the founding fathers of Papua New Guinea and longest serving politician in parliament, was speaking alongside United Resource Party (URP) leader William Duma and Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Powes Parkop, all of whom have joined the Peoples National Congress Party (PNC) camp in Alotau, Milne Bay province to form the next Government.

“The law is very clear on who forms the government.” Sir Julius said. “The party with the highest number following the National Elections is asked by the Governor General to form government and that Party is the Peoples National Congress Party.” Sir Julius said

He added that from the outset,  the elections were far from perfect. “I know, my son was also a casualty so personally I know and I have publicly stated that this election was the worst ever in New Ireland.”

Sir Julius said, leaders have to respect the decision of the people.  And his decision, with the full support of the PPP caucus, is that PNG comes first. It is clear that PNC and its Parliamentary leader and member for Ialibu-Pangia Hon Peter O’Neill has clearly won this election.  PPP will, therefore, join the PNC and work to improve government, work to improve the delivery of services and benefits to the people.”

According to Chan, PPP will bring new ideas and new programs to government, and has chosen to work with the PNC to improve the lives of the people of PNG.

Sir Julius concluded, saying “The PPP elected members are a quality team.  They are self-made businessmen, strong family men, and they have a long history of working for their people.  The people trust and respect them.  This is what we bring to Government – honest, hard working members who put the people first.  And that is our only goal – to make certain that at long last the great wealth of this nation benefits the people and improves their lives.  That, and that alone is why we have joined Government.”

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roland funmat 01/08/2017 at 15:29

Bullshit. We will see you in 2022. You are lucky that you won. People of Tanga Island and Namatanai have rejected you.

JOHN NEKUA 01/08/2017 at 21:53

“According to Chan, PPP will bring new ideas and new programs to government, and has chosen to work with the PNC to improve the lives of the people of PNG”.

Is that what you believed in and has delivered in the last many years of your time?? There is nothing in New Ireland to suggest you have delivered in the last 5 years with PNC. You are a waste sir J, you simply put your own interest first. Your emotions has had you over..

FUBU 04/08/2017 at 00:11

Sir Julius, you will never do anything new as you have said. What new ideas & changes will you bring to the people? Stop fooling the people. Lucky that you made it. All your words are nuisance and great lie. We don’t trust you!

Benjie1981 03/08/2017 at 08:11

Very childish. Just because he son lost the seat to a NA candidate, he had to switch sides. Its clear he can’t bear to be in the team that put his son out of business.

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