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BSP Digital team assists Doa Health Centre

Fetching and carrying buckets of water, a daily routine for Health workers attending to patients at Doa Health Centre, along the Hiritano Highway is now a thing of the past. BSP Financial Group Limited donated a dual-purpose water pump with the installation of Solar power to the Doa Health Centre on Wednesday (October 27).

BSP’s Digital Strategic Business Unit through its 2021 Community Project Initiative installed and presented the dual-purpose water pump project to benefit both the Doa community and the staff of the Health Centre, this project now enables water supply into the building.

Doa Health Centre serves a population of about 10,000 people within the Galley Reach Rubber Plantation area as well as other villages along the Hiritano Highway including the people of Goilala and Kairuku Districts.

BSP Digital General Manager, Nuni Kulu, when handing over the project said BSP as a community bank understands the needs of various communities and that the bank is proud to partake in improving Doa Health Centre.

Doa Health Centre along the Hiritano Highway now have access to running water thanks to BSP Digital team for installing a dual-purpose water pump  and Solar power kit.

“All our branches, departments and subsidiaries have been delivering Community projects since 2009 across the country.”

“Today’s contribution impacts the lives of people, and the community at large, we are so pleased to be part of such a worthy project and the improvement to the type of service this project will have on the community. We do ask the community to take responsibility to look after the installed water pump which benefits everyone in the community to access health services,” added Kulu.

Officer in Charge of Doa Health Centre, Donata Oa, expressed his gratitude to BSP for the timely donation, as access to water supply in the health centre has been a challenge for more than seven years.

“Today the health centre will have water running into the building for multiple purposes. Aiding both patient and nursing staff with running water is critical, especially at during Covid-19. Mothers who give birth at the health centre will have running water to clean themselves before they leave. Up until today, past patients were told to bring their own water containers, especially mothers in labour to came to the centre to deliver their babies. This will no longer happen.

BSP Digital General Manager, Nuni Kulu, (sixth from right) and her team handover its 2021 Community Project at Doa Health Centre -a dual-purpose water pump and Solar.

“With the pandemic and recent increase in positive Covid -19 cases, access to clean and running water supply is something that clinics especially in remote areas are in dire need of. The water pump is a big benefit and blessing to us as it reduces the burden of carrying buckets of water,” Oa added.

The health facility has two  single room beds for in-patients, one labour room, provides antenatal and postnatal services, caters for emergency cases such as snake bites, and tuberculosis, malaria, COVID-19 vaccination and others among general outpatient care.

More importantly, the centre has completed over 30 COVID-19 vaccinations and conducts COVID-19 Vaccination awareness within community areas.  

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