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Last Friday (4th December), during a court hearing between Manolos Aviation, Elizabeth Bradshaw, MRHL, MSIL and Morobe Provincial Government, the National Court reiterated to Manolos Aviation request to settle the matter out of court.

This follows an affidavit filed by the CEO of the Provincial Business arms of Morobe, Elizabeth Bradshaw, against Manolos Aviation CEO, Jurgen Ruh for contempt of court.

The issue of debate is a lease agreement between the Morobe Provincial Government and the Helicopter Company, Manolos Aviation.  

On Thursday, Ruh responded to a press statement by the board members of the business arms that was posted on facebook saying Manolos refused to sign a lease agreement since it expired in 2017.  

Ruh’s response to the press statement to meet with the defendants to settle out of court was hand delivered, emailed and was also posted on social media.

The issue of debate is a lease agreement between the Morobe Provincial Government’s business arms and the Helicopter Company, Manolos Aviation.

Manolos signed a commercial sub-lease agreement for three years with the Morobe Provincial Government on the 27th of October 2010.

According to MPG legal Council, Ralph Saulep, Morobe Sustainable Investment limited sub-leased the property to Manolos on the 28th of Ocotober, 2013 for four years.

After the court hearing last Friday, Manolos Aviation invited the three defendants including Bradshaw for a round table meeting, however, that didn’t happen.  

Two more attempts were made this week, but the defendants never showed up.

The case was adjourned to the 08th of, February 2021. 

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