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Welgris Dominates Besta in NSL Round 3

by Scott Waide – EM TV Sports, Lae

Coordination, strength and determination were key attributes for the Welgris side that dominated in the 2-nil finish against Besta this afternoon. Attempts by Besta to regain composure weren’t successful.

Welgris was on the offensive in under a minute.

In a weak start to the Besta campaign, Besta’s number 9 took the ball into Welgris territory but any attempt at grabbing a hint of glory was short lived.

Wet grounds complicated play for both sides. A strong offensive reciprocated by a weak Besta response.

Despite the show of dominance, Welgris still wasted opportunities to score. Later, in what appeared a breakthrough, Besta’s number 17 brought the ball close. But too close for impact.

A penalty awarded to Welgris got them their first goal. Still Besta had not learned. Opportunities missed yet again by Besta meant Welgris had much more than they asked for.

Besta indecisive. Welgris well co-ordinated. When Besta’s number 2 brought the ball finally into the Welgris territory, he was outnumbered. No impact felt.

Later, classy footwork by Welgris number 10. Shot fired and…. Bang! It went in.

Some fancy footwork by Welgris. But the magic didn’t happen. It went straight into the hands of Besta’s goalkeeper.

In the second half, Besta came back with renewed zeal. A blistering performance by Besta’s number 7 but that too didn’t cause any damage.

After a warning in the first half, Welgris number 4, got a yellow card for rough play.

Besta’s determination didn’t pay off despite some close calls. Final score 2-nil in favour of Besta.

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