Juffa: More Action Into Public Accounts

The Provincial Affairs Department needs more powers to conduct annual investigations into all public accounts to stop the culture of annual funding mismanagement and misapplication.

Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, said the absence of this department in his province and others, has led to the breakdown of vital government services, and the growth of corrupt public servants.


Mr. Juffa commended the Public Accounts Committee’s findings of gross mismanagement and misapplication of public funds in his province dating back to 2009, saying more action needs to be taken at the national level.


Northern Governor, Gary Juffa continues to be vocal about fighting corruption at all levels of government.


Mr. Juffa expressed satisfaction at the findings of the Public Accounts Committee on the gross mismanagement and misapplication of public money by the Oro Provincial government dating back to 2009, summing up to some millions of kina.


The governor said there is still so much rot that is yet to be uncovered, and it will be of great assistance if more powers are vested with the provincial affairs department to address this issue effectively. 


He said some public servants have used the system to fatten their purses. He said such persons will be investigated and charged.


The Provincial Government, with assistance from the Governor’s office, facilitated two officers from the Auditor General’s office to carry out investigations into the 2009 to 2013 financial reports that were presented at the PAC meet on Monday.


The governor said more needs to be done at the national level to facilitate annual investigations into all public accounts.

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