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UNDP in collaboration with the Business Council of Papua New Guinea organized training on business integrity in the private sector in Port Moresby on 20th of October 2023. The training was organized under the European Union-funded project Preventing and Countering Corruption in Papua New Guinea (PNG Anti-Corruption Project), which is jointly implemented by UNDP and UNODC.

The training aimed to improve the participants’ understanding of the role of the private sector in enhancing integrity and fighting corruption in Papua New Guinea through a variety of sessions focusing on corruption risks in public procurement and whistleblower protection in the private sector.

The Chairman of Transparency International, Peter Aitsi, held a presentation on corruption risks in public procurement and representatives of the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council presented their newly adopted Anti-Fraud, Anti-Corruption and Whistleblower Policy that was developed with technical assistance by UNDP through the EU-funded PNG Anti-Corruption Project.

“With the increasing power of extraterritorial anti-bribery laws, corruption is a risk that no company, particularly a company that operates on a national or global scale, can afford to take. I hope this training will help you in protecting your companies against corruption and teach you how to report incidents of corruption in a safe and ethical manner that poses minimal risk to your business operations,” UNDP Resident Representative Nicholas Booth said.

“We recognize that corruption remains a significant challenge in our country. It undermines social cohesion, economic growth, and equitable development. It erodes trust in public institutions and hinders progress towards achieving sustainable development goals. I thank the UNDP for hosting these anti-corruption trainings, which are crucial in advocating for business continuity that is resilient in combating and reducing corrupt practices,” said Ms. Carmella Gabina, the Executive Director of the Business Council of Papua New Guinea.

The PNG Anti-Corruption Project is funded by the European Union and implemented jointly by the UNDP and UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC). It is part of the EU-PNG Partnership for Good Governance Programme.

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