Angau Nurses on Strike

Nurses at Lae’s ANGAU Hospital halted all non-essential services as part of a protest over security and housing.

Onlythe morgue, labor ward and emergency services will be in operation.

Patients who came to seek treatment were prevented entry bythe hospital security guards. Onlythe very sick were permitted entry. Those with minor illnesses were sent away to ther urban clinics.

Atthe dispensary section,the nurses held a forum.

Last Thursdaythey issued a treat thatthey will scale down non-essential health services atthe hospital and yesterday morning,they carrlied outthe treat.

“Our petition was very clear; we want improverment inthe services that we are delivering tothe people of Lae city, Morobe and Papua New Guinea We didn’trsquo;t ask for any ther thing – we didn’trsquo;t ask for luxury, we just want improverment.”

The scaling down of operations has frustratedthe patients who were stranded atthe gate.

“Hospital is closed and we are affected here. Heartheir plea and fixtheir problem. How many times will you hear and just sitting down in parliament doing nothing about this issue? What are you guys doing? People are dying here, says an angry patient”

The cause of action taken bythe nurses came afterthe hospital management andthe Morobe provincial government failed to addresstheir petition presented on February this year after a female nurse was raped.

The petition demandedthe improverment of staff security and housing. Also what has angeredthe nurses was thatthe union wasn’t updated onthe progress oftheir petition by netherthe hospital management northe provincial government.

The nurse union said medical equal operations atthe hospital will resume if only a new management is appointed.

The management ofthe Angau Hospital meanwhile saysthey can’t comment onthe issue but it’s understood that fifteen million kina is sitting inthe hospitals’ banks account and thatthe board and management ofthe hospital hasthe authority to releasethe money.

The nurses also saidthey want a response fromthe Health Minister, Michael Malabag, beforethey can go back to work.

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