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National Capital District on alert

The National Capital City COVID-19 Task Force team is preparing ahead should there be a possible coronavirus case during the 14 days lockdown.

During a media conference yesterday (March 26), NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, said the capital city will be on total lockdown with no public transport movement.

The National Capital City COVID-19 Task Force team is in a state of readiness to respond.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop said, COVID-19 is a global pandemic and there are many lessons to learn from developed countries like USA, Italy, Spain, UK, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Governor said these restrictions are for the health and safety of every Papua New Guinean.

Maintaining social distancing when moving around but importantly everyone is urged to stay at home.

This lockdown will be a time to see if there will be any local transmission since the detection of PNG’s first case.

Governor Parkop said, NCD is preparing for the worse-case scenario adding it’s better to be ready than sorry.

NCD, like everywhere else is on lockdown, however, people are still out and about including public transport.
Governor Parkop said people are only allowed to move when seeking medical treatment or to do shopping.

He also said in the case someone is sick and feels very ill they can call the National Hotline Number on 1800200 or St Johns Ambulance on 111.

The Governor said, NCD will roll out testing centres in phases aligned with pandemic levels declared by NDOH at demarcated sites in the city.

At the moment, they are building up capacity at the following clinics Gerehu, Tokarara, 9 mile, 6 mile, Lawes Road, Kaugere and two mobile units.

Governor Parkop also said, that it’s a myth to say that the virus can’t survive in hot climate or that black people can’t get the virus. Port Moresby has the same climate and temperature as Indonesia, Singapore, Fiji, Malaysia and those other countries already have the virus therefore everyone should be ready.

By Michelle Steven – EMTV News – Port Moresby

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