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Rising from the snare of the ongoing fuel crisis, PNG Air in a statement today advised that it expects to resume normal operations and will announce when normal fare rules will be reinstated within the next seven days.

PNG Air highlighted that fuel rationing has caused it to construct its own fuel supply chain originating from Australia, stating that the imported fuel cargo is expected to clear PNG Customs and be delivered in the next 24 hours.

The airline also mention that PUMA has been ordered by the National Court to recommence supply to PNG Air without interruption following the airline’s application for injunctive relief to the National Court.

The orders are for 30 days and effective immediately. PUMA is also committed (among other things) to liaise with PNG Air within 21 days on sustainability of supply beyond the 30-day provision.

PNG Air emphasized it will continue to maintain an alternate supply chain in order to ensure avoiding any future fuel shocks

The airline highlighted that navigating through this period of fuel crisis has been complicated and a financial strain due to the lack of transparency about PNG’s jet fuel reserves and depletion time.

The airline stated that this has forced it to not trust its future in the hands of the current Jet fuel monopoly existing in PNG.  

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