Paraka Saga: Polye Says Media Failed To Ask

Side-lined Former Treasury Minister and Member for Kandep, Don Polye, said the media failed to ask him questions related to the Paraka case.

This remark follows his revelations on the FM 100 talk-back show yesterday that Prime Minister O’Neill gave him instructions to facilitate payments to Paul Paraka.


Mr. Polye yesterday revealed on the FM 100 Talkback show that he facilitated the payment of K71 million to Paul Paraka lawyers upon instructions from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.


When asked over the phone, why he revealed this just yesterday when he could have done so when the Paraka issue was first brought up, he said the media didn’t ask him questions then as to who directed him to do so.


Mr. Polye sent a text message reading “Nobody asked me about it to answer…the media not even you asked me about it…yesterday I was asked for the very first time so I gave the truth the same!”


His revelations come after the Task Force Sweep Team has been working to verify the Prime Minister’s signature on the letter that directed the payment of millions of kina to Paraka lawyers.


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill denied signing the letter and claimed his signature was forged.


When Polye was asked today over the phone if his revelations were some sort of revenge towards Prime Minister for sacking him as Treasurer, he again denied this and said he would have revealed the same in his capacity as Treasurer if he was asked to by the media then.


Task Force Sweep team under the Chairmanship of Sam Koim, announced that it was impossible to verify the signature of Prime Minister O’Neill on a letter issuing the directive as the original letter could not be found.

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