Schram Seeks Visa

The embattled  University of Technology Vice Chancellor,  Dr. Albert Schram,  has written to the Foreign  Affairs Minister  asking for a work visa to be granted to him.

Dr. Schram emailed  Minister,  Rimbink Pato,  after learning  he  could only enter the country as  a tourist or on a business visa.


This means while Dr. Schram may enter the country, he  cannot  resume work as Unitech’s Vice Chancellor.


The visit last week by five ministers  eased much of  the tension  created by the  Unitech boycott.  Justice Minister Kerenga Kua’s statement was  key in that  it laid out the hurdles that caused much of the frustration.


First there was the travel ban imposed  on  Dr. Albert Schram  several months earlier.  That travel ban has been lifted.


Then, there  is  the  court order  which,  in effect,  extends to restrict Dr. Albert Schram from taking up his post as vice chancellor.   It’s a sticky point that prompted the justice minister  to  order government lawyers to work to set aside the order.


With the  travel ban lifted last Friday, Albert Schram is free to enter the country.  But not  as Vice Chancellor.  Speaking  from  Australia, he  said he has written to the Foreign Affairs Minister, Rimbink Pato to give him a work visa so he can resume work as Vice Chancellor.


Schram is still on the university payroll. His work contract  ends  in  December 2015.  


Last Friday, University students  expressed some  level of satisfaction following  a three hour meeting between the government’s ministerial team but classes won’t resume until Schram returns as Vice Chancellor.


Last week, the Higher Education Minister announced  the Sevua report  was to have been presented to cabinet today and another visit to Unitech was proposed for tomorrow.


However, on Papua New Guinean facebook  pages and blogs,  what appear to be parts of the the Sevua report  have  already been made public. 


It's release drawing long strings of  comments.

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