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May 16, 2021
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New Kid on the Block – Emma Ramsdale

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The new kid on the block brings a breath of fresh-air to EM TV’s children’s television platform, Kids Kona.

Kids Kona has been part of the network since EM TV’s inception, and has since seen an exchange of bright bubbly personalities take to its screen, starting with the effervescent Tania Nugent, who was then EM TV’s very first Kids Kona presenter.


Other notable names that once embraced the popular children’s television network screen have been Pia Kila, Charlie Modewa, Jennifer Lameki, Kevin Marai, the late Allan Pora, Michael Henao, Martina Reichart, David Nugi, Stacey Onea, Helen Ben, Ellen Mesibere, Russell Ashwin and Tinzey Mau to name a few, that all became house hold names that kept the children entertained every afternoon, Monday’s through the Friday’s, after School.

Fast track to the year 2020, meet Emma Ramsdale, the latest name and face added to the long line of remarkable hosts. Emma is from a mixed parentage of Australia and Milne Bay

Watching Kids Kona growing up and inspired by past EMTV hosts Gazellah Brudah, Ellen Mesibere and Tinzey Mau, Emma now steps into the limelight and discovers and lives a life that was once for her, a child’s curiosity and a wish.

When asked what it’s like rubbing shoulders with other television household names, she responds, “It’s a challenge because I am a new host and I have to not only try keep up the shows views, but also keep up with the standard that other shows around me have. However I also get to learn many new things from these shows and it helps me improve myself as a host and also my show.

I wanted to learn what it is like to produce a show and what happens behind the camera. So what better way to learn about the multimedia industry then through EM TV.”

Growing up, Emma has always preferred an active life style, and would trade dolls and tea-cup sets any day for marbles and balls. She shares her fondest memories as a youngster, where one treasured memory was love going home after school and going to the filed to play with the other kids for a game of ‘Goal-to-Goal’ and Soccer.

Q: Do you like to read? What are some of the books you would recommend your viewers to read?

Emma: “Yes, I like reading fictional books. The books I would recommend are ‘The Diary of the Wimpy Kid’ series which are realistic fictional books.”

Q: Do you believe in fairy tales?

Emma: “Yes I do.”

Q: Have you read, or were you read to, fairy tale books growing up? Any stand out favourites?

Emma: “I loved reading fairy tale books growing up; my all-time favourites are ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

Q: Nursery rhymes?

Emma: “’The Cow Jumped Over the Moon’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’.”


Q: Favourite children’s program growing up?

Emma: “Hi-5, because the show always had something new and interesting going on.”

Q: Favourite cartoons?

Emma: “’SpongeBob Square Pants’ and ‘Tom and Jerry’.”

Q: What are you hobbies?

Emma: “Reading, doing arts and crafts and cooking.”

Q: What did you dream of becoming?

Emma: “I didn’t really have a particular dream of what I wanted to be in the future; all I knew was that I would be doing something either culinary cookery or tourism and hospitality related.”

Q: Who would you say would be your role model?

Emma: “My Mum, because she is one of the strongest, bravest and kind hearted person I know. She always encourages me to do better for myself and not to do it for the sake of others. And no matter how old I get she will always put me back into my place if I step out of line.”

Q: Name three values you feel is the most important that parents’ should instil in their children?

Emma: “Responsibility, Independence and Courage.”

Q: What is the hardest challenge you have had to overcome in your young life?

Emma: “High school, one of the most challenging things I had to go through.”

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from the women that have raised you?

Emma” “Always be ready to learn and always be open to people’s ideas and thoughts also.”

Q: Favourite foods?

Emma: “Potatoes (cooked any way) and Seafood.”

Q: What music do you enjoy listing to?

Emma: “I don’t just listen to one type of genre; I love songs with a good beat and also songs that have good lyrics.”

Q: You’re one parting advice to children currently at school…

Emma: “Never give up, things will get hard sometimes but you have to always remember that your education is your most important asset. One day you will look back at your school life and see that all the hardships that you went through was worth it. Remember memories will always live on.”

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