LO’s Concerned With Funding Delays

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Koiari landowners in Central Province are calling on their local MP, Peter Isoaimo, to visit them so they can discuss the state of their promised Development Assistance Package of K50 million.

The landowners, in a meeting at Sogeri yesterday, expressed their grievances over the long delay. They said, since the NEC Decision 365 was approved by the Prime Minister’s office in October 2013, they are yet to receive that money. 


NEC Decision 365 was to release K50 million through the Department of Treasury to Koiari landowners to build roads, bridges and aid posts.


The money was to compensate landowners for the use of their land where the Sirinumu Dam is, and where Rouna one to four Power Stations are located.


They also claim they are still missing out on vital government services like road and transport infrastructure, and health. The landowners said, they have waited too long, and want the Chief Secretary to meet with them. 


In the meantime, they said, they have no intention of shutting down water or power supply into Port Moresby, until they meet with the Chief Secretary.


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