Justice Salika Serves A Blasting To Lawyers

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There was drama in court this afternoon. Parua Lawyers, representing Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga, were blasted by Deputy Chief Justice, Gibbs Salika, for failing to prepare their submissions on sentence.

Justice Salika ordered Parua Lawyers to pay forthwith the cost of adjournment.


Mr. Kulunga was in court, anxiously awaiting his sentence on contempt charges for failing to reinstate Geoffrey Vaki as Assistant Commissioner.


However, the matter was adjourned to nine thirty tomorrow morning.


The adjournment came with a price to be met by his lawyers, for failing to prepare his submissions on sentence.


The Deputy Chief Justice ordered that Parua Lawyers to pay the cost of the adjournment forthwith.


He said that for too long, the state has been using tax payer’s money to pay private law firms for doing nothing in court.


Justice Salika also questioned what kind of private lawyers the state is engaging to defend it's subjects.


He told lawyers not to accept briefs from other lawyers to represent their subjects if they are not ready, as was the case this afternoon.


The lawyers told the court they had no time to prepare their submissions but Justice Salika did not succumb to the excuse.


The matter was adjourned to 9:30am tomorrow and Kulunga’s lawyers are expected to be present with their submissions.


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