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Government Decision to Merge Water Companies Not Received in Good Spirit by Employees

Submitted by Brendon Kuvia from Port Moresby

MiRipota Brendon Kuvia sent in these images of the Board and Management of Eda Ranu addressing the employees of Eda Ranu on Friday (March 9) on the issue of the government’s decision to merge Eda Ranu and PNG water.

Mr Kuvia said, the bulldozing decision of the government to merge a under performing entity with a reputable company like Eda Ranu has not been received in good spirits, particularly the Eda Ranu work force.

According to Kuvia, in the next few days the water supply services to city will be most likely to be disrupted.

The employee’s of Eda Ranu strongly disapproved the government’s move and voiced their concerns, in comparison to experiences of National Airports Corporations and PNG Ports which left many loosing jobs and service entitlements and other benefits, Brendon said.

Workers at Eda Ranu strongly emphasised that strike or protest is eminent and the best option to take is total shutdown of water supply service to the city of Port Moresby to get Government to come down and explain.

Mr Kuvia said City residents should be aware of what will happen in the next few days once talks are not favourable. He reported that city residents should be advised of the developments

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