DIY Mosquito Trap

The rainy season brings much needed water for what has been a typically dry and dusty Port Moresby city, and other areas in Papua New Guinea.

The only problem is the mosquitoes.

Here’s a simple DIY Mosquito Trap you can use to help you with those pests.

All you need is:

  • A plastic bottle
  • Box cutter/Scissors
  • Sticky tape/Duct tape
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Yeast

Step 1

Using your scissors or box cutter cut the top half of your bottle.

You will then have two separated pieces of the bottle, the top half and the bottom half.






Step 2

Boil 200ml of tap water for 10 minutes.

This eliminates any presence of chlorine in the water.

Step 3

While the water is still hot, add 4 spoons of sugar and mix until dissolved.

Leave water to cool (room temperature).

Step 4

Once cool pour water and sugar mixture into the base of the bottle (the bigger half of the plastic bottle) and add yeast.

DO NOT MIX. Mixing the yeast with the water and sugar mixture will not allow the reaction that attracts the mosquitoes to last long.

Step 5

Finally, tape the top half of the plastic bottle (inverted or so the top part faces downwards) to the bottom half.

By doing that the only way for the mosquitoes to enter the bottle will be through the cap hole of the bottle.



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