Cooperation Changing the Face of Rural Development

An emerging trend of close cooperation  between members of parliament in Morobe  is changingthe face of  rural development.


 MP’snbsp; sharing common  borders are beginning to work togther on projects  of common benefit.

Gisuat Siniwin of Nawai and Beb Dadai of Kabum began working togther becausethey share common challenges and difficulties. The Nawai electorate shares a common border with Kabum. People in both electorates grow Morobe’s Organic Coffee.

Beth electorates have transport infrastructure difficulties, high maternal and infant mortality rates and low literacy.

Just recentlythey announcedthe start of work on a jointly funded coffee mill worth K1.6 million. It will serve people in coffee growing areas of Bewana and land locked areas in Kabum.

They are also talking about road construction betweenthe two electorates but that is still a long way off. They have to work out howthey are going to crossthe mountain ranges oftheir electorates.

Atthe ther end ofthe province in Finchafen where service delivery takes up 70% of project costs,the Finchafen MP and Speaker of ParliamentoTheo Zurenouc, hopes to construct roads into Pindiu linking Kabum and Finchafen. Ifthey succeed in achieving those tasks in this termthey will have done more than whattheir predecessors achieved in previous terms.

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