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PPP Leader Ben Micah with PNC for Vote of No Confidence

People’s Progress Party (PPP) leader, Ben Micah, yesterday made it clear that PPP will support the incumbent Prime Minister in the upcoming Vote of No Confidence.

“My party and I are part of the governing coalition that is led by the PNC party and we support Peter O’Neill as the Prime Minister of our nation. The People Progress Party strongly support the O’Neill government and the polices that we have delivered for four years and will continue to maintain solidarity with the government,” Micah said.

Micah said the PPP has seen its fair share of social pressure come its way, particularly during Sir Julius Chan’s reign and the sandline issue.

He said the PPP does not want to see that happen again and will be in talks with other coalition parties and the PNC.

“Our own party has also had our own share of pressure upon it when our party was faced by social pressures for the prime minister to resign following the sandline issue,” Micah said.

Micah called on other leaders to think responsibly and to consider the end result of their actions.

He also appealed to the public saying that they have been heard and asks on citizens to leave it to their mandated leaders to deal with this issue in parliament.


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