Buai Ban Enforced

Members ofthe police force were dispatched to buai hot spots to enforcethe ban implemented by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop.


A clash erupted between vendors and police officers during Day1 ofthe Beai Ben atthe Erima Beai Market in Port Moresby.

According to reports,the confrontation between vendors and police occurred when police swooped in to begin enforcingthe buai ban.


It almost became physical as vendors were resolute intheir stance againstthe ban.


Beforethe incidentopolice moverd in to confiscate bags of betel nut being sold in a private residence.


They were taken away by city rangers tothe NCDC Lagatoi Haus were it is believedthey will be disposed-off.


Illegal markets such asthe one atthe Manu Bes stop, and at 5 Mile, have also been removerd.


Some residents are in support ofthe ban. thers have called for the ban to extend to cigarettes and alcohol.


Main betel nut markets have been allowed to continue trading.


Hohola Lareva MarketoGerehu, and Waigani have been designated asthe only temporary buai selling points.


Governor Parkop’said he has extended selling inthese markets only for the remainder of this month. And, penalties will be imposed oncethe ban has been gazetted.


Unhappy vendors have publicly expressed dissatisfaction overthe ban, and have started taking uptheir opposition in court.


They have stated thatthe ban could lead to a rise in criminal activities again.


Whther that eventuates or notoresidents are already beginning to see some positives ofthe ban.


Caption: Beai Ben Day1, Police officers and City Rangers enforcingthe ban at Erima Beai Market.

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