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By Royal Wasita

The Atharm Wharf rehabilitation project is set to pave the way for enhanced economic development in Rabaul Town. The project aims to improve accessibility and convenience to wharf services, bringing crucial goods and services to the people.

Recently awarded in two phases, the project has garnered the expertise of two contractors: Daveline Engineers and Marbil Enterprise Limited. The first phase involves drainage and silt trap enhancement, along with concrete works, spearheaded by Daveline Engineers. Meanwhile, Marbil Enterprise Limited is responsible for the second phase, which encompasses mechanical dredging and training.

Highlighting the significance of the project, Rabaul District Works Engineer, Mellie Munulai said, accumulations of sediments and silt near the wharf have gradually reduced its depth, impeding vessel movement.

He said the dredging will help to maintain the navigability by removing these obstructions and allow ships to access the wharf to ensure smooth transportation of goods.

In addition to enhancing navigability; the rehabilitation project aims to optimize port operations by accommodating larger vessels. 

The Atharm Wharf, being the gateway to the once-renowned Pearl of the Pacific, Rabaul Town, is said to significantly contribute to the town’s facelift.

The town has recently witnessed an upsurge in cruise ship visits recently, and the renovated wharf is expected to attract more tourists, thereby fostering economic development.

Mr Munulai the Rabaul District Works Engineer explained that facilitating port operations will enable efficient loading and unloading of cargo, allowing larger ships to utilize the wharf. This will result in increased cargo capacity, reduced waiting times for vessels, and improved efficiency of port operations.

Meantime the acting District Administrator, Freddy Lemeki, emphasized the importance of such rehabilitation and commended the district infrastructure team for the rollout of such vital projects.

Mr Lemeki highlighted that improved efficiency will contribute to heightened economic activities in the area.

With the enhanced accessibility and improved facilities, Rabaul Town anticipates a thriving future as it moves closer to reclaiming its position as a prominent tourism hub in the country.

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