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2017 Africa’s Best Inventions We Can Learn From

by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Image Source: BBC

Technology advancement and its impact continues to grow and changes from time-to-time, and each time, taking steps higher, with competition among developers becoming challenging.

Papua New Guinea, like other developing nations, is adapting at a quicker pace to the growing advancement of technology. But what is it like for other countries, take those on the diverse continent of Africa.

Below are few of Africa’s best inventions for 2017 that are great examples. These inventions are;

  • Electricity Grid 

We all know electricity is a demand many cannot live without especially in the urban communities. Without electricity, life will be less efficient; cooking, laundry, refrigeration and storage, and other home daily chores will be very challenging. A growing number of rural areas are also connecting to electricity. Many have, and are, using generators and small solar panels to provide electricity to supply power for use and recently, the concept of rural electrification has come into effect to help some of these communities.

Like the rural electrification concept, here’s Africa’s best solar and battery micro-grids. The concept although is not new worldwide, however, Africa’s Steamaco’s technology, adds a little taste, and this automates the regulation of electricity. The micro-grid is designed to generate, and distribute electricity independently of the larger grid to produce electricity, and can cater for a whole village. The invention is very handy and can benefit many. For more on this invention, you can read it here.

Image: An electricity grid for the whole village
  • Pneumonia Detecting Jacket

Pneumonia is the single largest infection that affects many. According to the World Health Organisation, pneumonia accounts for 16 percent of all deaths of children under 5 years old. With high death figures from pneumonia in Uganda, a Ugandan engineer, Brian Turyabagye designed a biomedical ‘smart jacket’, to diagnose pneumonia accurately.

The Mamaope jacket measures a child’s temperature and the breathing rate. It is proven to diagnose pneumonia three to four times faster than a doctor. Together with a mobile app, the modified stethoscope is used. The recorded audio presents the analysis determining the diagnosis. The jacket is Uganda’s new invention adding to the list of health inventions, and can be of great use for the children under years of 5. More on this invention can be read here.

Image: A jacket that detects pneumonia
  • Heart Monitoring Tablet

Heart failure and other heart related diseases are common in Papua New Guinea therefore it is important to monitor your heart health. To help doctors and most importantly the population in the remote areas, Cameroon’s Cardio Pad is invented for monitoring of hearts. The invention is very handy and will benefit a wider range of population. For Papua New Guinea, this invention will be of great help for the rural communities. The exercise although may be costly, its long term benefits will help many. The Cardio Pad was invented by Arthur Zang of Cameroon. It is a handheld medical computer tablet that is designed for use by rural health workers for monitoring of hearts.

Image: A tablet that monitors your heart
  • Hair Inspiration App

Hair style is a trending beauty business in Papua New Guinea. For those who love being creative in knowing how you can achieve certain and a variety of hairstyles, here’s Tress, an app invented for you.

The app was invented by three software engineers – Priscilla Hazel, Esther Olatunde and Cassandra Sarfo from Ghana and Nigeria like Instagram and Pinterest, for hair alone.

The app allows others with the app, to share ideas, information and hairstyles. If you download the app, you are able to see those sharing their ideas, styles and learn. It is very helpful and self teaching as it will help one to learn the different hair styles, together with the necessary information on achieving the hairstyles.

Image: An app for hair inspiration

These are four of 2017’s new inventions to look out for from Africa. Like Africa, others are also on the roll to bring to the competition their exciting inventions for 2017.

Source: BBC 

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