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September 21, 2021
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YWAM enjoys session with Kopkop Students

Taffie Tamba, a young Zimbabwean with the YWAM Ships, is enjoying every minute of her time spent in Papua New Guinea, as she eagerly looks forward to connecting with youths in rural Papua New Guinea.

Taffie Tamba

Her love for Papua New Guinea has grown over the last five years, reminding her so much of her own country and all she wants now is to give the best she can to serve youths.

“At the beginning when I first came (to PNG), it reminded me of home but my heart cries, a lot of times go to the villages, and when we were in the village there are these young people, they had a passion and they had dreams and there was no one to turn to….and how can we equip them, they need someone to believe in them and help them make some of those dreams come alive.”

On Thursday 24th, June 2021 Ms. Tamba and her youthful local team members arrived at Kopkop College to participate with 22 Grade 11 and 12’s in a fun and educational seminar.

Recently, settling into a youth office in Vabukori, the team’s initiative is to engage with schools to run youth seminars that focuses on passion, purpose and perseverance.

“In these youth seminars we have found that young people have a lot of passions, but there is no direction and no purpose where they are going and we all know that in life there are things that come along away, stumbling blocks that stops us from pursuing the goal we have in our life.”

“Our heart is that we must go into those high schools we engage with the Grade 11 and 12’s because those are the future of the country, and in engaging them we want them to be able to be confident enough to know what their passion and purpose is and we also want to equip them in how they persevere and keep going.”

Ms Tamba said Kopkop College was one of those first schools to have responded to YWAM’s youth seminar program.

“And it has been overwhelming the responses we got from the students and from the teachers, and some of the teachers actually said this is the first time they ‘ve heard students speak up.

“Kopkpop College is a very beautiful school. And one of the things is that, the young people are so polite and they greet you and make sure you know where you are going, and that’s just been a pleasant surprise,” she said.

Secondary School Principal, Roddy Abbady, says they are delighted by the visit knowing that such seminars allow students to explore and learn from activities, other than being restricted in classroom learning only.

The session on Thursday allowed students to discuss about their passion, played team building games followed with discussions on what they learnt from the session, which also involved songs and dance presentations.

For now, Ms Tamba and her team, will be visiting other schools in NCD, where they hope to bring messages of hope to inspire students to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their lives and of their communities.

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