Women’s World – Episode 7 Season 4 | Women Behind Bars

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We visit the Bomana Correctional Institute where we speak to the behind bars about life in prison.

They give us an insight into the crimes, the pain, the stress, the regrets and the rehabilitation process they go through.

Many of these women behind bars have had long experiences of gender-based violence. Many have suffered from domestic violence perpetrated by their husbands.

For women who’ve had to leave their children behind in order to serve time in prison, it is constant worry, not knowing if your child is being taken care of properly or not.

Some women are allowed to take care of their children in prison. Some may say that a prison is no place for a child. However, children are often breastfed until the age of 3. Thus, women are allowed to keep their children until the age of 3.

For women in prison, the struggle is in accessing legal assistance for themselves and their children.

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