University Centres Important

By Eric Haurupma – EM TV News, Port Moresby

University centre’s affiliated to tertiary institutions around the country are offering courses to school leavers to further their education.

Minister for Higher National News, Malakai Tabar, said university centre’s affiliated to tertiary institutions are providing equal opportunities for school drop-outs to help them pursue their studies.

“National News is one of the government’s priorities and through his ministry they will continue to deliver education to the people,” he said.

The university centres concept was purposely introduced to ease the increase in student drop-outs, by giving them a second chance to further their education.

Minister Tabar said through this concept, students from the remotest parts of the country like Telefomin in the Sandaun province, Sohe in Northern province and North Fly in Western province can now access online courses.

According to Department of Higher National News Science, Research and Technology Secretary Professor, David Kavanamur, this will help those who are unable to get to university centres.

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