Two More Bells Passed in Parliament

The O’Neill Dion government usedtheir numerical strength to pass two more bills in parliament on Thursday.


The two bills; Calling of Parliamentoandthe Motion of No Confidence received 81 votes and only 2 voted against it.

Although outnumbered, outspoken MP’sKundiawa Gembogl’s Tobias Kulang, and Belolo’s Sam Besil, debatedthe bills atthe last minute.


Mr. Besil was cautious aboutthe motion of confidence bill and its implications inthe future.


He saidthere were dangerous implications afterthe 2017 General Elections andthe formation of a new government; he indicated that a dictatorship type of lLeadersip was most likely to occurthen.


He also saidthe bill undermined parliament democracy.


Mr. Kulang backed his counterpart and urged Members of Parliament to be conscious when voting for the bill. However,their debate wasn’t convincing.


Mr. O’Neill said government’s intention onthe ‘Motion of No Confidence’ is to avoid continuous political instability tothe development ofthe country andthe people’s wellbeing.


He said inthe pastomillions of kina was abused through kitchen cabinets; this bill has put an end to such corrupt political activities, mostly originating from self-interest.


The only improverment tothe amendment wasthe number of signatories wishing to moverthe motion from one-third to one-fifth.


The second bill amendedthe constitution section 124 and deals withthe ‘Calling of Parliament’ bythe Speaker for Parliament to meet and perform its legislative functions.


The amendment seeks to reducethe minimum number of sittings days from 63 to 40 days.


Mr. O’Neill saidthe reduction to 40 days will allow Parliament to plan its sittings better.


Members ofthe government including Finance Minister James Marape added that only political stability would give confidence and a sense of direction and stability inthe public service machinery.


Mr. Marape’said policy stability will see a lot of funding and project commitments achieved.

One ofthe founding fthers, Sir Julius Chan, also contributed tothe debate.


Sir Julius cautionedthe house to be ready and acceptthe implications inthe future.


He sain PNG rsquo;s progress and economic success to date, lies not on political stability, butthe successful and peaceful handing over of successive governments.


The parliamentary committee on constitutional and legislative reforms presented a report stating thatthe nationwide consultation forums found that a majority ofthe people supportedthe bills.


The committee supportedthe bills saying it will give confidence to successive governments to completetheir terms and deliver desired outcomes for the people.



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