Rabaul Queen Committee demands answers to delays

A three month funding delay inthe ongoing Rabaul QueenInvestigations has angered survivors and relatives of those who dlied.


It took one year fromthe timethe Rabaul Queen disaster happened for police investigations to begin.  And nowthere is a delay intothe fourth month sincethe investigations began.  

Police say funds have not been released bythe government.Investigators can’t finishthe job which could result inthe arrest ofthe Rabaul Shipping owner, Peter Sharp and members ofthe crew.


Chairman ofthe Rabaul Queen Action Committee, Tommy Yep,   has expressed anger overthe delay he has called onthe police commissioner to explain why investigations have not resumed.


“The Police commissioner should tell us whatthe holdup is,” said Yep.

The MV Rabaul Queen was a ferry owned by Peter Sharp’s Rabaul Shipping Limited, it’sunk offthe Morobe coast with over 300 on board.


Reverend Arua Oala lost a son duringthe disaster and he maintains that  the heads of government agencies should be charged.


“The national Government’should take action for that,” said Arua.

Pictured: Survivors of MV Rabaul Queen rescued.

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