Tuna Exporter Wants PNG Government Support

One company involved in the fishing industry, says its greatest constraint is space availability for unloading fish at wharves.

International Food Corporation, the pioneer fish canning company wants support from the government to be competitive in the world tuna market.


IFC has been an active participant in world seafood exhibitions, and was present at this year’s 13th INFOFISH World Tuna Trade Conference and Exhibitions.


International Food Corporation, the producer of PNG’s Besta canned mackerel has been an active participant at recent INFOFISH meetings, and its presence at this year’s was no different.


IFC further ventured into Tuna, producing canned tuna products for both export and domestic market.


IFC said it has moved from producing mackerel to venturing into the tuna industry because it already has the facilities and manpower in place.


In an interview with EMTV, the Sales and Marketing Manager of IFC, Roslan Abd Wahed, pointed out the challenges that the company encounters while trying to compete with other World Tuna Markets.


Mr. Wahed said producing and exporting tuna while also being in the business of canning mackerel is very demanding, and it needs more support from the PNG government.


IFC says it supports the Parties to the Naru agreement or PNA, which PNG is a lead player, which stands for sustainable fisheries.


IFC has secured 10 fishing licenses from National Fisheries Authority, and plans to utilize these in partnership other fishing companies from the Philippines and Taiwan.


The company’s concern is for the government to create a more flexible environment for fishing companies to be competitive in the World Tuna Markets.


Mr. Wahed also raised the point that the PNG government should lower freight chargers if it wants to see PNG tuna being exported to other World tuna markets apart from the UN Market.

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