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TIPNG Concerned with the Government’s Lack of Action on Corruption cases

A Papua New Guinea NGO advocating against corruption said the government has failed to account for many questionable investments, and in some instances, failed to punish those implicated.

The stern rhetoric from the Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) comes days after the formation of government in an effort to hold the new administration to account.

The group classified bad investments made by the government that never really got off the ground.

The Boroko Casino, the National Identity System, the Madang PMIZ and there are the questionable deals the Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals’ medical supply controversy, the Manaumanu land deal and 15 other issues.

TIPNG Chairman, Stephen Lawrence launched the booklet and called on the public to hold the government accountable and demand them for answers.

He pointed out that a vital part of society was mainstream media. Although, Lawrence added, it has a role to play, the last ten years has seen a demise.

Former Post Courier Boss, Alexander Rheeny said Journalism in PNG lacks the follow up stories. The 19-page report was compiled by the veteran Journalist.

At the centre of this, is the appointment of a State Minister Implicated in the more recent Manumanu land deal controversy worth K46 million.

There are a few stakeholders working to make Papua new Guineans aware, but the task at hand is difficult they say, people are not reacting to the rampant corruption that is happening under their nose.

But many have found a glimmer of hope in new leaders that make up a full opposition bench.

After the first sitting of the tenth parliament, Moresby-North West MP, Sir Mekere Morauta has described it as a cancer eating the fabrics of Papua New Guinea Society after the heated first seating of the tenth parliament.

TIPNG, however, still maintains that the people have the power to influence drastic change even after the elections.

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