Teachers Concerned Over Shortage of Houses

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Teachersat Gerehu Secondary School have raised concern over a shortage of teachers’ houses in school.


Many ofthem are residing in settlements and attending classes.

This has affectedtheir performance in delivering quality education totheir students’


Gerehu Secondary School inthe Nation’s Capital has forty-eight teaching staff. Sixteen of those teachers are accommodated in school, whilethe ther thirty-two are live off campus.


Emmanuel Yoke is one ofthe thirty-two teachers that live outside ofthe school due tothe shortage of teacher’s houses.


This has affected his performance as a teacher in deliveringthe best to his students’


“One thing that’s pulling me back from teaching isthe accommodation problem that Gerehu Secondary is currently going through,” said Yoke.

“It isthe responsibility ofthe government through education department to at least get allthe incomplete houses that we have completed so that teachers can be accommodated. This can boost our moral to execute our job,” he said.

Mr. Yoke says,the government has put much burden on teachers throughoutthe country withthe free education policy but has provided little support to meettheir needs.


The students’have also expressed concern onthe lack of teachers’ presence in classrooms.


They feelthey are not receivingthe educationthey deserve.


“The students’lack education. The teachers should be inthe classrooms to teach us more, and also guide us and push us forward,” said Peter Keris, Gerehu Secondary Student.

Last year, only forty-five students’from Gerehu Secondary School were selected to tertiary institutions.


Beard Chairman Joe Kambian meantime is frustrated withthe outcome ofthe schools housing project.


“Because of teacher’s accommodation problems,the student’s academic performances are very low,” said Kambian.


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