Family Planning Experts: Men Need to Change Attitudes

A Sexual Health expert say Papua New Guinea#39’s male population can do a lot more in terms of controlling sexually transmitted infections and population growth.


A Lae based reproductive health worker, Jennifer John, says if attitudes are encouraged to change, a lot more can be achieved.

Papua New Guinearsquo;s towns and cities are getting crowed at a very fast rate because ofthe country’s economic boom.


PNG Family Health Association Program Officer, Jennifer JJohnsays family planning and reproductive health awareness will help control population.


“Whatthe association tries to do is educatethe man to changetheir attitudes,” said John.

And withthe increased population and economic boom chances of contracting HIV and ther sexually transmitted diseases have also risen.


She says People inthe country need to be aware ofthe importance of family planning and sexual reproductive health; to avoid deaths related HIV and STI’s.


Risks have increased due tothe moverment of people into towns and cities looking for employment.


The problems associated with reproductive health and family planning touch many hot issues such asthe increase in HIV cases and domestic violence including teenage pregnancy.


Lae City,the industrial hub of Papua New Guineais one example ofthese problems. The city’s increased population is at risk if attitudes don’t change.

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