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Strong Gale Winds expected to hit parts of PNG after festive season

Strong gale winds and rainfall are expected to hit the southern parts of PNG after the holiday season.

Acting Director of the PNG National Weather Service, Jimmy Gamoga, in a statement said the country is well into the wet season and most parts of PNG will experience some rainfall in the coming weeks; while an increase in rainfall is anticipated to be experienced in February through to March next year.

He explained that the Northwest winds peak around February to March and recede in April, bringing in Monsoon rains and wind surges across the country. Some of the tropical cyclones that PNG experience are a direct result of these natural weather patterns.

Strong gale winds are anticipated to occur straight after the festive season and intro the New Year 2022.

A monsoon trough lies along the southern coastline of PNG with a low-pressure system, one in the Solomon Sea and the other in the eastern Indian Ocean.

It is anticipated the eastern Indian Ocean system just north of Darwin will track through the northern part of Australia. When this happens, there will be an increase in Northwest wind surges and land gales accompanied by showers and thunderstorms with areas of rain across the southern most pat of Papua New Guinea by the end of the weekend or early next week leading up the New Year period.

Due to this, PNGNWS is appealing to communities within the following Provinces of Western, Gulf and Central, who’re situated directly above the Northern Territory of Australia to prepare for the strong gales winds and ensure roofs and houses are securely nailed down and fastened.

The following advices are recommended actions for the public to take heed of and comply:

1. Check if you are in a High Risk Area

2. If your property is near a body of water that can overflow or if your area has experienced flooding in the past then you may be at risk.

3. Clean and clear, all gutters and drains need to be cleaned and cleared to ensure that water can easily drain away.

4. Ensure drainage systems are cleared. Prevent Blockages, storm-water drains can easily become blocked with debris during flooding.

5. Fix any weak points, any cracks or holes where water can enter your property should be fixed and sealed with water resistant material.

6. Protect Stock, for retailers especially; make sure that any stock or spare items that could be damaged by flooding are stored out of harm’s way.

7. Anchor, items that cannot be stored above water levels and can float or be easily moved should be anchored down to prevent damage during La Niña.

8. Check Sprinklers, electric short circuits due to water damage can cause fires on your property or premises. Ensure that your automatic sprinkler system is in working order and that all valves and pumps are located above the expected water level.

9. In preparation for the strong or gale winds, chop or clear trees and branches near your homes.

10. Check your house and roof is secure and fastened.

For more information, the public is urged to contact the PNG National Disaster Centre or National Weather Services.

In the meantime, NWS  24/7 forecasting and warning center will continue to monitor and issue warnings on any significant weather patterns that may pose a threat to the people of this country.

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