Sogeri Road Deteriorating

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Sections of Sogeri National Highway from Boda village to Sirinumu Dam, Sogeri, need urgent maintenance.

Villagers said the deteriorating road condition is a major impediment, especially when accessing government services.

The worse state is found from Boda village to the major government water supply and power establishment, Sirinumu Dam.

Boda villager, Homoka Muru, said during the rainy seasons, potholes with puddles one after the other often result in vehicles getting bogged.

With this road condition, PMVs often denied travelling this route.

Village women wanting to transport their produce to the market often walk to Sogeri Station.

For those living further up the Sirinumu Dam, health and education services has been a problem.

Francis Mauka, a Sirinumu villager, said pregnant mothers that are due for antenatal services often deliver in bushes. Children attending school are also affected.

With these challenges, they are now calling for an immediate intervention from the government, local MP and the authority concerned to fix the road.

Eric Haurupma

studied at the University of Papua New Guinea graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations. His main areas of expertise within EMTV are the courts, crime and the environment.

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