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June 13, 2021
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Smartphones used to combat illegal logging

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Illegal logging is one of the many problems that countries with rainforests face, and while illegal logging practices lead to deforestation and mass extinction, it also contributes in a large way to global warming, aiding climate change to take place easily.

However, not all is dark and gloomy; apart from other many efforts raised to protect the forests and environment, a new invention has been developed to contain illegal logging by using mobile phones and sunlight energy.

Rainforest Connection is an eco-friendly system that helps to combat illegal logging in remote forests.

The technology combines solar energy with recycled smartphones, where the device is joined to mini solar panels which are then attached high on the tree canopy. When there is a sound of a chainsaw somewhere in the forest within its perimeter, the phone detects it in real-time, and notifies the person in charge at the other end to take action, pointing out the location or source of the sound.

Each device can pick up signals up to a kilometre in the distance.

It was first tested in the rainforests of Sumatra, in Indonesia.

The device picked up a chainsaw noise and sent an alert where response was taken instantly to locate illegal loggers in operation.

Apart from fueling climate change, careless logging practices through illegal logging also destroys the natural animal habitat including the diverse plant life that thrives in the forest.

You can get involved to help silence the chainsaws by visiting the site or if you want to learn more.


Video source: Rainforest Connection

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