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Rotary Against Malaria Deliver Mosquito Nets

By Rachael Sheiei – EM TV, Madang

Rotary Against Malaria has started delivering free mosquito nets to health centres around Madang town. 

The Momase Regional Cordinator for Antenatal Nets, Vellgie Ava, said they’ve started distributing free nets to areas in the Bogia District on the weekend, and are now aiming for the town health centres, as of today.

The first delivery of 96 mosquito nets was made to the Sisiak Urban Health Centre, before the team moved on to other health centres.

Ms Ava clarified that the nets were mainly for pregnant mothers seeking antenatal care, as a prevention method of the malaria disease before and after the babies are born.

She added that the number of nets issued to a health centre is based on reports from the provincial health office; and as to how many certain health centres are estimated to be found needing them.

Ms Ava also added that the team will return after two months, and will confirm through reports, of the actual number of health centres that distributed the nets to mothers.

“We will be checking antenatal register books of health centres that we have delivered nets to, to account for the audit of years 2010 to 2015, so that Global Funds, the donor providing all the free nets will continue to supply.”

The free mosquito nets will only go to health centres accessible by road, and not those in the remote areas of Madang province.


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