Recent Heavy Rains sees Gaire Village Under Water

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By Rayon Lakingu – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Heavy rains and strong winds in the Central Province in recent weeks have severely affected people in Central Province. Gaire Village was one adversely affected.

According to locals, the village had been under water for about five weeks.

Continuous heavy rains and strong winds that hit Central Province have subsided, but its effects still remain. In some places, water is at knee height. Food gardens have also been destroyed.

Kelly Kopi told EMTV News that since villagers depend mainly on garden food, with the flooding, they have scarse food. He said, they are still waiting for assistance from the Provincial Administration.

Meanwhile, the Central Provincial Government has declared an emergency in the province, with members of the CPG stationed at various locations to collect data from flood affected areas.

Central Province remains the most affected province, as a result of the heavy rains and strong winds.

Rayon Lakingu

Graduated with a Bachelor in Arts, at University of Papua New Guinea, Major in Journalism and Public Relations and Minor in Political Science. Rayon is a new reporter with EMTV and is Interested in writing general stories. As a first time reporter in the media industry, he loves the challenges faced every day, and keen to learn more about the media, especially reporting for Television.