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Rapid Disappearance of Port Moresby’s Marine Ecosystems

Professor Simon Saule, from the University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Natural and Physical Sciences Biological Science Division is concerned with the rapid disappearance of Port Moresby’s mangroves and marine ecosystems.

Prof. Saule says, “human actions have led to the destruction of this vital marine ecosystem.”

Mangroves serve as homes for many aquatic plants and animals, and at a time of extremely volatile climate conditions, mangroves prove beneficial as they can store up to five times more carbon than an equal area of rain-forest.

Along the coastal areas of Port Moresby and Central Province, the mangroves are disappearing at a rapid rate as a result of the expansion of roads, bridges and wharves.

At Taurama Bay, salt water intrusion and the overuse of mangroves for fishing, hunting and household purposes have led to its scarcity.

Stakeholders such as UPNG, CEPA, and JICA are trying to respond quickly to this environmental issue. In a recent workshop at Motupore Island, an output 3 model designed to manage marine resources, including mangroves was discussed.

However, implementing the concept is a worrying concern for stakeholders because there is no legislation in place to regulate it.

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