Education Gap Analysis

The gap in Education was central to an analysis this week between two key organizations,theInstitute of Business Studies andthPNG Media Council.

They looked at primary education, secondary, TVET and High Learning, and howthese levels can be improverd to forge a better education system.

Withthe education system likethe Outcome Besed Education under review,the panel pointed outthe gap analysis of opportunities and challenges.

This includes access to education, equity andthe quality of education.

Representtting parents was former MP Lady Carol Kidu, who emphasizedthe aid of tapping into modern technology.

Lady Carol said social inclusion of disabled people is step to allow ordinary Papua New Guinea’s access education.

Private Education administrator and business women Maria Kopkop said to enhance and have better educationPNG must improverthe work relations between government and private schools.

She also voiced thatthe training of quality teachers is vital.

The discussion panel included Education administrators both private and Governmentoparent representatives and media personal.

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