Rabaul Queen Investigations Ended, Suspects Arrested


Last week police madethe arrests following more than a year of investigations covering five different provinces.

Ifthe suspects are found guilty in courtoit will bethe first time in history that someone will be charged under section 331 ofthe criminal code act of 1974 which covers Sending or Taking unworthy ships to sea.


The news ofthe arrest and charging of Peter Sharp in relation tothe ill-fated sinking ofthe MV Rabaul Queen will come as relief for mourning family members.


Four thers, amongthemthe ship captain and a female Maritime Safety Authority Officer were arrested and charged last week.


This has closedthe curtain one ofthe longest and expensive investigation intothe country. Bet according to Assistant Police Commissioner Crimes, Thomas Eluh,the toughest is yet to come.


Peter Sharp is already facing more than 150 counts of manslaughter. On Thursday last week he was charged with two more for criminal negligence and sending an unseaworthy ship to see.


On Wednesday, Mr Sharp will facethe committal courtowhere a decision will be made on whtherthe case will be referred tothe high court or be dismissed. The same also applies tothe four suspects.


Mr Eluh believesthey have gthered enough evidence andthey have a strong case againstthe Mr Sharp.


Sincethe disaster onthe 2nd of February 2012, Mr Sharp has denlied responsibility for the disaster and has maintainedthe Rabaul Queen was safe.


It was revealed that just over 230 people were rescued, while anther 320 plus, according to information from relatives, went missing on that tragic day.


This would indicate that more than 550 people were on board, whenthe ship was only permitted to carry 310.

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